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You've travelled for a long time. Long enough to forget many things, but all in hopes of finding something important you thought you've lost years ago.  Can you be whole again?

I am Found is a visual novel created in RPG Maker MV which follows a lone drifter travelling across their ruined world exploring hope, self-love, and life while finding themself. Will you see their journey to its end?


This was created for the "I Can't Write But Want To Write A Story' jam with the theme 'lost'.  I've wanted to make a narrative-based game for a while now, so thank you charlmes for the opportunity! 

The story currently is very linear and incomplete. I had much more planned out (including choices and options) that I sadly could not include due to time constraints. I hope to finish it eventually!


  • Original art
  • A linear story with 2(?) planned endings (currently not in the demo)
  • Reflect about life and existence
  • A pretty cool palette

I recently started a tumblr blog if anyone is interested in sneak peaks, extra art, or other games in the works! You can find it here!

Install instructions

After downloading, unzip the file and open the executable named I am Found to play.


IaF - Windows (Demo).zip 112 MB


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Did a lets play and voiced your brilliant characters! it made us fudging cry. we know it says you entered this into "i cant write but want to tell a story" but...the writing works really well. the writing and the music really create a sense of familiarity (despite the fantasy setting)  that makes it all at once alien and at the same time painfully relatable. Also having any ace rep in a video game, esp one so poetic and striking was disarming as hell. Thank you so much for creating this, We can't wait to see what you do next with this or any other project!

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Gosh, I'm not even sure what to say... flattery doesn't even begin to describe how I feel! :') I watched the video last night (and needed an entire night to articulate how thankful I am!) and I just had the most massive grin on my face. Man, it's super surreal seeing a video of not only your game, but having others enjoy it and relate deeply with the characters? I can't get over that! You guys did an incredible job with the voice overs and giving them life. 

I usually don't like revealing too much about certain aspects of the story and characters so players can give their own interpretation, but I think you guys were the first to recognize the ace rep in the game! The Wanderer is indeed aroace and that made me so happy it was picked up on ^^. 

But, what I especially liked was the after thoughts you guys had on not only the game, but how you talked about world issues surrounding asexuality. It's incredibly upsetting and frustrating, but I believe it gives us all the more reason to keep talking about it and keep to having discourse, so that we can start seeing positive representation. Change is happening, albeit slow, but I'm hopeful good things will come! 

I've been stuck in writer's block for weeks now which sucks because I wanted to see the story to its end, but this has been an amazing motivation booster. I really appreciate what you guys do; showcasing small creators and having discussions on mental health and LGBTQ+. I hope you guys are feeling better both physically and mentally. Please take care and be kind to yourselves! Thank you so much for playing my game.


This was really well done! The two characters felt real - their dialogue seemed to come rather naturally, and the world sucked me into it fast - I was compelled right through to the very end. In the way of feedback, there's nothing much I can offer (it's great so far!) The only advice I have is a tiny continuity error: When Emeka tells us about the Luminary in her village, she says "unlike where you are from," even though we haven't told her much about our previous living conditions - just a tiny gripe. Anyways, I really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to the next bit!


Wow, thank you! :D I'm super glad you enjoyed it. 

I think I was mulling over that line in the back of my head as I wrote the script, but I'm not sure why I didn't look over it again! Now that you've pointed it out, you're right. I'll definitely revise it! Thank you again ^^.


The demo was nice, I liked the explanation about the Virtues, and their origins from the Old World. The simplicity of this art and the mysterious background of the two characters eventually being revealed through the conversation was great, but it was super sad. The music really adds to the feeling of sadness. I feel really bad for the Wanderer...

Overall, great! I suppose if you have the time to do so, it would be great if you finished the game one day! I'd like to see this game's journey to its end. I would really like to know more about this world you've created!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it ^^. I didn't mean for the story to be sad originally, but as I kept writing the script, I subconsciousness kept making it sadder... for some reason, haha.

I'll definitely continue the story so they can have a conclusion they deserve, so I really appreciate the support!


So cool! I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw you made it in RPG Maker MV because I've never seen it used to make a visual novel before.

I like the art, and music/sound effects and story :D so essentially, everything. There were points were the grammar (?) was incorrect, such as saying "I stared at sky" rather than "I stared at the sky"

Very nice :)